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Scotty Hargrave - Balter Brewing 

AKA Electrical & Automation has been involved with numerous electrical contracting projects with Balter Brewing.


They have assisted us by

  • Implementing HMI  automated temperature control profiles for the fermentation vessels  

  • Control and monitoring via HMI of our critical glycol bypass valve control system

  • Being able to have access to our fermentation temperature controls away from the fermentation cellar has been just one of the benefits we now have thanks to working with AKA Electrical & Automation.  

Now, with these process improvements we can reduce human error and oversights plus increased glycol equipment optimisation resulting in more efficient, effective brewery throughput and quality outcomes. 


AKA Electrical & Automation have proven to be reliable, delivered the project on time, within budget and have exceeded our expectations.


We would highly recommend AKA Electrical & Automation within the Brewing industry. 

HMI Interface
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